Early May Saltwater Report

The Columbia Chinook are running by Port Hardy and not many boats out there trying to catch them!

Fishing the 2-3 hours around the tide change seems to be key. The Chinook have been from 47 to 93 feet deep. Glow/green flashers and a 3 to 4 inch spoon in blues,greens and purples have been working well. (no need for bait right now)

There is not much kelp around this time of year so you are far better off fishing structure then shorelines. We have been getting a lot of fish on the backside of humps 10-30 feet off the bottom.

The Rockfish and Ling cod seem to be hungry, having not seen much gear this winter. focus your efforts on water in the 130 to 230ft range.

The Halibut are finally showing up in decent numbers. The fish are holding on deep soft bottom
structure in the 230 to 330 range. (that being said they will move onto the hard structure as well).

Salmon Belly, squid and herring are good baits this time of year. Always a good idea to have a big cod jig or mudraker going as well.

Good luck on the water

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