Late March Early April fishing Report

Squamish River System

The Squamish System is in full swing for Steelhead. Numbers seem a bit lower then Normal but anglers willing to put in the time are still being rewarded with fish.

The tributaries are also fishing decent, fish the deep holes at low water and the tail outs and shallow inside seems when the water is up.

Pink/orange/White jigs and intruders have been fishing best for us lately but the 10mm bead is a go to if you want to stay busy. The big bulls and rainbow seem to be crushing them in the last two weeks.

Fry Patterns in the Squamish river have also been doing well. The nice thing about swinging a fry is they don’t need to be right on bottom.

The Lake fishing is off to a slow start with many of the small lakes frozen over, but the larger ice free lakes off been touch any go, the fry seem to be hard to find at times but move your gear around and cover water until you find fish then stay on them.

We will be fishing North Vancouver exclusively from April 15th to early September. (still offering Sturgeon trips through Dave Backcountry fishing adventures)

Port Hardy (North Island) Fresh Water Fishing report

The Lakes have been fishing very well for trout! Micro leaches in red and black have been fishing very well.

Many of the steelhead on the east side of the island with the exception of the Eve have return to the salt.

The rivers on the west side of the island still have some fish but they can be really tough to find when the water gets low, most of the fish will head under the log jams. Timing is everything this time of year!

White yarn, fry patterns and pink jigs have produced fish for us the last 3 weeks, keep your wear tight to the bottom and the undercut banks!


Tight lines!

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