Early June Port Hardy fishing report

There has been some great fishing around Port Hardy the last week. The Chinook have been any where from 40 to 90 plus feet. We have been getting them on 3.5 inch Pesca spoons and anchovies. Green flashers have been working best, but purple combos usually produces this time of year as well. The halibut have been deep but we did Troll one up on a 5 inch Pesca Gut bomb at 140 feet on some sandy structure. IMG_3802

Port Hardy Fishing Report

Salmon fishing in Port Hardy continues to improve further, a couple hours on either side of the tide change seems to be producing best. Fish have been a bit deeper the last couple days. 57 to 87 feet, green flashers or Blue/crome/UV and a variety of 3.5 inch spoons depending on the light. Anchovies in green/glow, purple or crome and blue have produced the largest fish.

Halibut fishing on the various rocky structures north of Port Hardy has produced some good results. Just need to be careful not to loose your gear. Backing down against the tide will help. Best results came on a red/white/glow jigs in 230 plus feet of water.

Fishing charters in Port Hardy
Cleaning some Halibut and Chinook


Early May Report

Chinook fishing has been solid during the flood tide. You may have to weed out the smaller shakers this time of year. Anchovies and coho killers trolled at depths of 40 to 70ft has been the ticket lately.

Halibut fishing at Taylor Bank has been solid, as well as to the north of Port Hardy. Fish the rocky areas on the smaller tides and stick to the sandy bottoms during the large tide changes. The Halibut have preferred the jigs lately to the bait and spreader bar.

Winter/Spring Steelhead Report

The Squamish area saw a decent return of Steelhead this season. Many people started catching them in late January, and the persistent angler may still have luck right to the end of May in certain tributaries such as the Mamquam or Cheakamus. The North Island had a great season on certain rivers and was slow on others. Obviously river conditions were very important. The Quatse was very temperamental but some large fish were caught into the 19lbs range this season. The successful Steelheader has to pay their dues! Maribou jigs, the pink worm and yarn worked best for us this past season.

August 12th Report

Big Springs are here, all of the Chinook we caught in the last 5 days have been over 20lbs! Halibut are on the move so you never know what might hit your jig or spreader bar these days. Halibut have been ranging from 10 to 80 lbs. Many big lingcod have been hitting or jigs as well! As for the coho, they seem to be everywhere one day and gone the next. We have been getting our coho in the 40-60 foot range the the chinook a little deeper and slower, anchovies and small spoons seem to be the ticket!

Fly fishing for coho has been very productive, just need to find them first and stick with the school!

Chartreuse and black over white have been my productive fly colours this past week.


July 30th Report

Well there seems to be some larger Halibut around. Many of the Big springs seem to be much deeper in the last week. Make sure your flashers have green on them and mix up the speeds to see what they want that day.

The waters north of us in Port Hardy have been producing if you don’t mind the swell. Getting out early has been key with the afternoons being a bit windy.

July 15th

Little bit of fog the last while, but fishing has been very good! Chinook into the 40lbs range have been hitting the dock. Bites have been from 25 to 100 feet, so it is a good idea to experiment until the fish tell you where they are. Once you find one, fish that area hard, they seem to be in schools the last while chasing the huge bait balls.

Coho and Pinks have been everywhere, and we have been taking them on the fly, Which has made for some very fun fishing.

Most spots are producing, so keep your lines and the water and fish during the prime bite times if possible.

Wind looks like it might be a issue for the next couple days north of us.